TeSOPs - Template Entry Sales Order Processing System

TeSOPs (Template Entry Sales Order Processing System) was devised to provide a rapid sales order entry mechanism for customers providing products to customers who regularly order the same items over and over again. A classic telesales enviroment, especially suited to scenarios like food stuff suppliers providing restaurants and shops with a regular supply.

It is a native, integrated extension of the standard Sage MMS / Sage 200 system - not a replacement package. All the standard stock control, sales order, sales ledger records etc. are used. Hence an order placed with this system can be amended using standard MMS, and vice-versa. All standard Sage rules apply to order entry so it is consistent with the Sage systems.

The system caters for items which are sold and priced in different units - for example you may sell a block of cheese but where it is priced by exact weight (which varies from block to block).

The system suggests a list of stock items that the customer has ordered over a parameterised (by customer) period and hence the list represents what they normally purchase - but you can always add any stock item to the order.

Also extends Sage's facilities by adding features like automatic addition of customer notes to stationery (where the customer has made requests regards packing etc. that should always be shown to the picker) along with customer specific notes per stock item for more detailed instructions on picking.

As part of the despatch stage the facility exists to enter exact weights of items being despatched, which will adjust the overall value of the stock lines when priced by weight rather than by quantity.

See user manual for a much fuller description of the system and the extra features it provides.

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Key Features and Business Benefits

· Very quick order entry - gets orders into the system much faster than standard Sage product

· Native to MMS /200 - not a bespoke system - so retain investment in Sage