Staff Details

David Whitehead BSc MBA MIMechE CEng

David started programming as a hobby at school at the age of 14, in between studying for 9 O-levels and 4 A-levels.
At 18 when the BBC Micro was released serious programming started in both Basic and 6502 assembler, with experiments also in Forth.
At University David studied a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering whilst being sponsored by Leyland Vehicles, later to become Leyland Trucks, then Leyland DAF.
After graduation David worked for Leyland in the Advanced Technology department designing trucks of the future, but spent most of the time developing software in Fortran for analysing noise and vibration in vehicles to provide for a more pleasant environment for the driver.
David then left Leyland to return to University to do a Master Of Business Administration (MBA) degree.
After graduation David joined a Sage reseller as a manufacturing consultant and programmer. When this company got into financial problems David and another employee bought the rights to the customer based and formed a new Sage reseller, gradually developing this into one of the top 10 resellers in the country.
After a few years of this, David sold his half of the businees to his co-director in order to form the current business in order to concentrate on software development.


Molly is the second dog to be a family pet. She is also a rescuee from the dog's home, and seems to have settled in - she's pictured here in her favourite location on the sofa.