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SelectSystem CodeSystem NameSummary
SelectN0001NOMNom-Account-Utils-3 Nominal Account creation utilities
SelectN0002NOMImport-NL-CSV-4 Import nominal budgets
SelectN0005STOFix-Sto-Bins-1 Import CSV file with stock bin details after Line 100 conversion to update the Unspecified bin
SelectN0006STOFix-Sto-Memo-1 Convert memo pads for stock records during Line to MMS conversion
SelectN0007CONConvert-L50-MMS-PB1 Convert Price Book data from Line 50 to MMS
SelectN0009SORGeSOPS Grid Order Entry system for SOP module - enter sales orders like a spreadsheet. Aimed at sites, such as apparel wholesalers, where products are sold in style,colour and size combinations. Also prints all stationery in this grid format also - great for multi-hundred line sales orders via telesales!
SelectN0010STOFix-Sto-Nom-Code-1 Reset all nominal codes on stock items to those on the items' product group. Used during Line 100 to MMS conversion
SelectN0011STOReorder-Report Screen/report based Reorder Report system to suggest items to be purchased
SelectN0012SORImport-SOP-Add-1 Import a CSV file containing customer delivery addresses
SelectN0013SORSOP-Stk-Lookup-1 A stock item wildcard search screen during SOP order entry