N0119 SL-DD-Direct-Collect-1 system

A means to collect money from ‘customer’ accounts via the Sales Ledger in Sage 200 using Direct Debit mechanisms provided by BACS systems, in a similar manner to the ‘Suggested Payments’ mechanism built into the standard Purchase Ledger mechanism.

This will create a list of receipts to request from suitably configured customer bank accounts, allow this list to be amended (remove items or customers), post the receipts to the cash book and sales ledger, and allow any rejections file returned by BACS (ARUDD) to post a payment back to the cash book and sales ledger accounts to indicate that the money did not get paid, and then allocate the rejection payment to the receipt, or the receipt to the invoices being paid automatically. Customers may be ‘grouped’ using an analysis field to permit, for example, creating batches of receipts on different payment schedules.

It is possible to also print letters and labels to send to customers, if required. These may also be emailed to the customer’s contact.

All processing is performed using the concept of a ‘session’ that encapsulates all the processes, and it is possible to have multiple sessions running concurrently.

AUDDIS processing capability is also included. This allows electronic submission to the bank of the direct debit mandate instruction details rather than paper submissions. AUDDIS can be implemented at any stage - either at initial setup or when the system has already been in use for a while and hence allows the ‘paper’ instructions to be converted to ‘electronic’ type.

This system requires a compatible 3rd party BACS system that accepts the output files from this system and communicates them to BACS - this system does NOT perform data communications directly with BACS.

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